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Welcome to citiLights Services. We are a business that teaches our clients not only to use LED, but learn about LED technology and understand the benefits of it. We are currently in the middle of transitioning from standard lighting to LED. It is not only a product that should be sold to people, but has become a need at this point of time. Having the knowledge about LED and its advantages will allow us to make the necessary decisions on which products are best to use in our areas of living or work. And this is where we excel BEST at getting you there.

citiLights Services is a family owned and operated lighting supplier located in Jersey City, New Jersey. We serve many large electrical supply houses, lighting suppliers and retail businesses, to home owners all over the continental United States. What started out as a small business venture, has now grown into a fully stocked, full service LED lighting supplier and distributor for all major lighting brands. Feel free to book your next appointment with us by calling us at (201) 687-9293 or by emailing us at today. We are committed to serving our community changing every business, school and home one LED light at a time. 

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